PLAN to EAT is born!!

For as long as I can remember I have struggled with my weight.  It was not until I got pregnant and the scale hit 300 that I started to really see things differently.  I have a child that needs me to be healthy in order to tend to his daily needs (and believe me, he is ALWAYS in need of something).  I began my journey New Years Day, as many of us do.  I started slow and committed to using a calorie counter to track my intake (I use MyFitnessPal) and I would also prep my lunches.  I had no idea where to even start so… GOOGLE HERE I COME!! I found a couple YouTube channels that were very helpful; I will share those with you later.  I have planned, prepped and logged 90% of my meals since.

The first time I actually weighed myself since having my son was Feb; I weighed a modest 274lbs.  How embarrassed I am to say that right now? VERY!! Today I weighed myself, 259lbs.  Oddly enough,that is still embarrassing to me.  Time for a pep talk:  Ok Michelle, time to really get your shit together.  Stop making excuse to eat garbage! Make sure you write down your goals and live, eat and breath them!! YOU CAN DO THIS!  This is about the time that Doubt has something to say:  you can’t do this; you’ve never done anything to the end before.  Just stop stressing out and eat some chocolate, it’ll make you feel better.

In this moment I realized that my doubt was right.  I really am a habitual quitter and I’ve always put off everything.  I give up too easily.  I will have one bad day and call it quits.  I have neither anyone reminding me of what I want from all this “dieting” nor do I have a support group that will say to me “have you lost weight?”   or “those pants oook great on you!”.  This my friends is where you come in.  Call me selfish, but truthfully I want you all to myself.  I’m fishing for compliments 😂.  However, I know that life does not run on one way streets.  You get what you give, and so I will share me, with you all.

Generally I am a reserved person.  I keep to myself mostly and im not the most positive person.  That being said, THINGS NEED TO CHANGE.  My mindset is focused on the task ahead.  Positive vibes only from now on.  I want each of you to feel as if you are valued.  I need some cheerleaders and who better to ask than a bunch of people I barely know?  Let me show you what is/has helped me to get to this point.  Please feel free to share your achievements with me, I will always cheer you on.  If you have a bad day, I will pick you back up, dust you off and get you back on track.  I am here for each of you.  I hope we all share the same viewpoint.  It’s time that we women start to show each other love and respect again.  Let this be the place you come to elevate; to evolve into the women we should be.  As I said before, you get what you give in life; let’s give each other positive vibes so that we may see positive outcomes.  let’s DO IT FOR THE AFTER SELFIE!!


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